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Curtain Your Home

Curtain Fabric Collections

All our quality fabrics are suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions and throws and other soft furnishings and sold by the metre

Accent Beautiful  cotton print fabrics incorporating simple organic form and subtle colourings to accent your room in a retro style. In amber, saffron, blue and subtle greys.

An extensive fabric and coordinating wallpaper collection.


Alaska A collection of plain fabrics in 100% Linen. Suitable for curtains, blinds, cushions and upholstery.


Andiamo This collection is full of charm with calming tones. The check, twill and damask fabrics have a traditional style but with a contemporary twist creating a country look which exudes comfort and cosiness. In polyester, cotton and linen


Baroque A dramatic and stylish collection inspired from the baroque  period of artistic style.  Focusing on heraldic motifs and contemporary abstract designs and gorgeous burnished velvets.


Boutique Alluring and eye catching patterns of burnout velvets and flowing damasks, complemented by a lustrous glossy stripe.


Brighton Bring the outside inside with these breezy summer designs  in cotton and cotton mix fabric, combine patterns and it will guarantee to brighten up and enliven your work and living space.


Canvas Unique fabric designs of organic textures made beautiful with ornamentation. These have a tactile quality as the fabrics are embellished with yarns, strands of rope or braided together in an impressive style.


Charterhouse On warm, brushed cotton, the Charterhouse selection of beautifully designed fabrics reflecting nature in the shape of it's fauna and flora.


Coast A wonderful collection of coastal-themed pictorial designs, memories of holidays, coastal walks, boats, seagulls and shells. All captured on quality woven and embroidered fabrics.


Country Fair A wide and colourful countryside themed range of coordinating fabrics from wild fruits, flowers, fish, birds, farmyard animals, dogs, insect, tractors and stripes in 100% cotton.

Country Fair

Galway A quality furnishing fabric in 100% plain cotton, covering a wide colour spectrum.


Glacier Extra wide [300 cm] sheer, vertical stripe fabrics in a linen, cotton, polyester, mix.  For excellent quality drapes.


Greenwich The 'Greenwich' collection is upholstery-weight chenille fabric in three different designs, featuring a geometric 17th century Jacobean motif design, together with an oriental flavour damask and a mottled semi-plain fabric 

A rich fabric, exuding warmth, in subtle tones and shades.


Hacienda Hand painting and folk art elements combine to create the Hacienda fabric collection of cotton prints. Batik-style leaves and plants, tie-dyed stripes and concentric diamonds coordinate to produce a vibrant and exciting curtain and soft furnishing collection.




Helsinki Helsinki collection of plain fabrics with an irregular weave giving a contemporary look. This is a multi purpose fabric which drapes beautifully for curtains and blinds and can also be used for accessories and upholstery. Available in a diverse colour range from neutrals and pastels to bolder hues.


Lining Fabric Linings: 
100% Cotton linings | Blackout Linings | Interlined Blackout Lining | Interlined Cotton Lining

Lining Fabric

Meeko A modern twist on folk art, geometric, block pattern designs combined with coordinated range of botanical patterns.


Metropolis Metropolis is a dazzling selection of lustrous fabrics in a variety of  textures and stunning colours.  Designed to creates a bold statement for your home.


Miami A collection of colourful and coordinated 100% cotton prints. Nature inspired botanical and leaf patterns mixed with harlequin, dot and grid line designs.


Opera As the name suggests this fabric collection echoes the opulence of a previous age, intricate embroidery and appliqué detail which communicates elegance and style.


Oslo - Plain Collection A collection of plain 50% Cotton | 50% Polyester fabrics in a wide colour spectrum. This material drapes well and is an excellent choice for Curtains, Blinds, Cushions, Throws, Upholstery and General Furnishing items.

Oslo - Plain Collection

Panama - Plain

Panama - Plain

Paradise Paradise is an exotic and vibrant tropical influenced collection guaranteed to enliven any room. A range of eye catching, ferns, flowers, pineapples with coordinating geometric designs.




Platinum Fabric in metallic mid-tones plus vibrant citrus hues, Platinum is a set of shimmering weaves dominated by enticing embossed and embroidered motifs. From radiating pebble-spots to mesmerising ogees, the designs are all temptingly tactile, and team with an engraved strié for striking upholstery.


Printworks Artistically designed digital prints in a mix of linen and cotton.  Imaginative and inspirational brushstrokes of colour in very pleasing designs to brighten up your room.




Templeton The Templeton collection will add a classic yet fashionable look to your home. These stylish designs will grace any room and create an elegant ambience.  A striking range of organic and geometric designs, including subtle stripe fabrics.


Terrace Terrace, a range of fabrics based on a botanical theme. A bright and uplifting group of complimentary designs of foliage, leaves, flora, cacti and succulents. The Al fresco fabric design is very similar to a watercolour painting.  Match up with coordinated materials of delicate lilies, tumbling leaves and seed-heads.


Woodland New selection of Woodland Theme fabrics.  Ideal for use in a garden room or summer-house,  pantry, kitchen or conservatory.  Design inspired by nature, capturing our unique British wildlife. Striking backdrop of colours in autumnal shades. Furnishing fabric in 100% cotton.


Zest Zest collection is a series of brightly coloured cotton panama prints where flowing lines and soft outlines create a hand-printed appeal. Colour palate has a contemporary and lively charm, inspired by the Jacobean 'tree of life', by Moorish curves, folk-art circles, wide stripes and leaf inspired motifs.


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